Fire Bricks

Fire Bricks

A fire brick can also be called a refractory block. It is a block of refractory ceramic material that is normally used in making of fireplaces and fireboxes. A refractory brick should be built in such a way that it can withstand very high temperature and the brick should have low thermal conductivity so that it can be able to save energy. Firebricks are usually used in places where there is extreme mechanical or very high temperatures like inside of a wood fired kiln or even a furnace.

When making firebricks clay is used and it is baked inside the kiln until the firebricks are partly vitrified and may also be glazed for very special purposes.
Searching fire bricks might be very difficult because one might be confused which one is the best and which one can be used where and for what purpose.
There are different types of firebricks:

  1. Medium duty Firebrick: This type of firebrick is the best type of firebrick one should use in cooking floor and oven. The medium duty firebrick contains approximately 50% silica and 35% silica. The medium duty firebrick heats up so quickly and in a very good manner and that’s why it’s considered as the best to especially in ovens. In making of pizzas one is recommended to use the medium duty firebrick the reason behind this is that, the firebrick is more efficient in conducting of heat.

Choosing fire bricks might turn out to be very hard but one to choose fabrics that have very straight edges and especially for the cooking floor. The bricks are suppose to fit into each other because when the bricks appear curve and have a very bad shape; there will be a gap on the cooking floor and also some spaces would have been created in between the firebricks.
The medium duty firebrick is about 8 pounds that is the weight of the brick and the price of the medium duty firebrick is $1.20.

  1. Concrete fire brick: Most of these types of bricks are normally found at home and most of them are manufactured from standard Portland cement with concrete and they are air dried and later kiln fired. This type of fire bricks can not withstand the heat inside an oven. The bricks are very expensive because of the material in which they are made from. Concrete fire bricks are the best type of bricks that can build a brick fire pit. A brick fire pit needs something that is strong and cannot withstand a lot of heat.
  2. High duty fire brick: These types of firebricks contain high alumina content. They tend to get very hot and they are basically designed for very high heat applications e.g. furnaces. These types of fire bricks are very expensive and they get too hot when one is using them in the oven while cooking of bread and also roasting.
  3. Insulating fire bricks: These types of firebricks are very light and are designed in way that they can stop heat. Insulating fire bricks have very low heating capacity and low conduction of heat. The firebricks are mostly used to insulate industrial equipments mostly. The weight of the firebricks can range from 2 lbs and a standard insulating fire brick weighs around 8 lb.