How To Build A Brick Fire Pit

Fire Bricks

Building a brick fire pit is very easy only time is needed to construct one. One must follow the steps that are required and the design that one wants. Before one starts building one has to be very careful when coming up with a brick fire pit.  Safety must never be assumed one must be very careful. One is suppose to use protective equipments like gloves so that one can prevent himself from very sharp objects.

When one is building a brick fire pit one is suppose to use very large and wide fire bricks this helps the walls of the fire pit to be very sturdy. The number of fire bricks that one will need will usually depend with the size of the pit that you are coming up with. And there you will decide with whether you will have one layer or more than two layers.

One is suppose to have very large pieces of sheet metal or other equipments that are non-flammable. The reason behind this is that the brick fire pit consumes a lot of heat and a lot heat is needed.  When building the brick fire pit on a solid or non flammable place like gravel or concrete one does not need to have a baseline unless you want the surface to appear black.

Use a mesh cover this is recommended it prevents burning of the embers. Depending on the size and quality that one needs mesh covers can be found where fire pit accessories are normally bought from and grill accessories.
One is suppose to plan and design the way the fire pit brick will look like this is usually the first process one is suppose to measure the diameter of that area and the circumference which it will occupy.  

The number of fire bricks that one will have to use will be determined by the size of the diameter of the fire pit brick. If one wants to come up with a temporary brick fire pit it better to make a very small size because coming with a very large fire pit brick can turn out to be less stable and one will end up using a lot of materials.

When building the walls of the fire pit if one is using a metal base one is suppose to lay the piece of metal on the ground. If not one is suppose to mark the ground with a pencil or a chalk. From there arrange the fire bricks round the circular base  and make sure that they are very close at each other or touching each other. Add the brick until the height that is required. The height should not be so tall, as this gets less stable the higher one gets. And if it is too tall one cannot be able to feel and even see the fire. So it is recommended that the height should be reasonable.

If one is using a very small fire brick and has a very large size fire pit one is suppose to use additional ring of bricks. The main reason why, is to add stability and make the fire pit to have strength as this is a temporary brick fire pit.