Wood Stove Fire Bricks

A wood stove fire bricks is a heat producing device and can lasts for so many years if proper conditions are maintained. It is very important to maintain any wooden burning equipment. Wood stove fire bricks come in different categories and one is suppose to handle them with very great care. As they can easily break if handled badly.

Fire bricks are mainly used in wood stove they protect cast iron or steel and it increases the temperature for better combustion. The main reason why people used firebricks in making of wood stove fire bricks they are very light and heat resistant and contain some heat.

One of the biggest disadvantages is that firebricks take a lot of time for one to cut one is suppose to use a masonry saw or a chisel in cutting of the firebricks.  
Now days wood heaters usually use very light and low density fire bricks and the reason behind this is for very high performance. When one wants to replace the brick it is advisable for one to replace the brick with the same kind of brick that was their, so that one can be able to maintain efficiency in the wood stove fire bricks.

Fire bricks which appear to be crack should not be replaced immediately. The bricks that are used in making the wood stoves fire bricks are of standard size which is usually a half of the size of a house brick. Wood stove fire bricks can be bought in a wood store dealer and come in different varieties it will depend on which one you like.  Besides that one can be able to purchase for a wood stove fire brick online because nowdays they are very common and used locally by most people.

When constructing a wood stove fire brick one has to be extra careful and precautions must be taken just to avoid damages to the stove and also to one self. When putting the fire brick in a wood burner there are some procedures that one has to follow.  Fire bricks that are made inside a wood stove fire brick always keep the part which is very hot of the fire from exterior metal box. When the bricks appear somehow to disintegrate, a lot of damage can take place and especially to the metal box and this can happen in any form like warping and fatigue.

 Firebricks which have very small cracks will still perform better and they will keep the heat from the exterior sides. When replacing the bricks they must be of the same type and the size. Originals firebricks can be found from the person who is manufacturing the wood burner.
When putting the firebrick in to a wood burner one has to follow the following tips:

  • Make sure that the wood stove fire bricks and the wood burner is very cool from any previous fire.
  • Makes sure that the wood stove fire brick is very cold when touched. Fire bricks usually retain fire after a very long time that is after using it.
  • One is suppose to remove all the wood ashes and the debris inside the wood burner. The retaining angle iron that is usually inside the firebrick pull it from the side when doing this one is suppose to have a screwdriver and adjustable wrench so that one can remove the nuts and the screws.

This is the most simple and quickest method that one can apply and can make the wood burner last for some quite some periods.